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‘’Legacy Club has given me access to a large community of genuine and authentic business owners and leaders who have a wealth of knowledge and shared passion for personal development and success.’’

renee rogers - ceo, ono

"This amazing club, led by Chris Caffrey, has already overcome many of the obstacles that it's members are facing as they scale and grow their own incredible businesses. As a collective, Legacy Club members are stronger together, providing support, solutions and most of all fun!"

Sophie Chaney
General Manager

"Legacy Club is more than a hub for entrepreneurs, it's a community of like-minded people who have been on and are about to go on similar journey's in the pursuit of success, change and being different. Great service and vision from Chris and the team"

Joe Moruzzi

"Deeply rooted friendships are naturally formed at Legacy Club. It's an inclusive club, not an exclusive club. Learning together, collaborating together, it's natural networking in its purest form."

Ian Minor
Brave Corporation

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