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Integrate into a network where growth is mutual; discover how partnering with Legacy Club can unlock new opportunities for your brand and our members alike.

What we look for

Access an entrepreneur-approved panel of high-value partners to help drive business growth, provide resource, and support your lifestyle.


Our ideal partners are those who understand the importance of giving back, contributing positively to the community and creating lasting impact.


Trust is the foundation of our partnerships; we look for organisations that practice transparency and uphold the highest ethical standards.


We value partners who bring fresh perspectives and bold ideas, driving innovation that keeps us at the forefront of our industry.


We pursue partners who are dedicated to excellence in their services and products, ensuring our members receive nothing but the best.

"It's awesome being part of this community where everyone's all about sharing, supporting, and giving a warm welcome. It's not just a club; it's finding your tribe where ideas flow, and connections grow. Loving the vibes and positivity!"

Vicky Fuller

"This amazing club, led by Chris Caffrey, has already overcome many of the obstacles that it's members are facing as they scale and grow their own incredible businesses. As a collective, Legacy Club members are stronger together, providing support, solutions and most of all fun!"

Sophie Chaney
General Manager

"Legacy Club is a new breed of membership, creating comfortable spaces to allow entrepreneurs to be open and transparent, ultimately making it a great club to be a part of."

Kane Dowell
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